Fast road engine build for supercharged Austin A35 van

We just finished this engine build for the Chadder & Co. Austin A35 van. Starting from a 1275cc MG Midget block it has been over-bored and fitted with Omega forced induction pistons, ARP fasteners, steel flywheel and 285 camshaft. The head has been fully modified by Vmaxscart ready for their supercharger conversion and on top of that we’ve fitted a set of aluminium roller rockers from Mini Sport. This little van will really fly.

BMC ‘B’ Series engines, road, race, rally.

Need a ‘B’ series engine for your BMC classic? A road or race engine for your MGB, MG Magnette, Austin A50 or Riley 1.5? We have over 30 years experience building engines and have supplied countless ‘B’ series engines for competition and road use. From a refresh to complete fresh build with our in-house machine shop we can meet your requirements. Please give us a call for more information.