Oulton Park Gold Cup

We had an eventful Gold Cup this year with Larry Tucker’s Ashley getting t-boned during qualifying and the gearbox in Ian Burford’s Ginetta giving up during Saturday Morning practice. Dave Griffith’s competed in the Guard’s Trophy race in the Triumph TR4 without incident finishing 3rd in class. We managed to source a new gearbox for the Ginetta near Eastbourne so I was able to collect it and bring it up to the circuit in time for Sunday’s race. Ian put in a cracking drive finishing 7th overall from the back of the grid.

cck historic hssc oulton park gold cup Ginetta G4 Ford type 3 gearbox change Ian Burford Ginetta G4 Oulton Park Gold Cup cck historic Dave Griffiths Triumph TR4 Oulton Park Gold Cup cck historic

Ian and Larry start their Historic Road Sports campaign at Castle Combe

Sunday 10th of April saw the start of the HSCC Historic Road Sports Championship. We were there with Larry Tucker and the Ashley GT and Ian Burford with his new Ginetta G4. Both had a good weekend, Larry in long battle with a Lotus Elan and Ian with a run through the pack from 18th up to 7th after being pushed off on a corner. We will be back for the next round at Silverstone on May 21st. Both photos courtesy of Joshua Barrett.

Larry Tucker Ashley GT Castle Combe HSCC HRS Ian Burford Ginneta G4 Castle Combe HSCC HRS


Engine rebuild and prep for Ginetta G4

In preparation for the 2016 season we’ve pulled the engine out of the Ginetta for an inspection and rebuild. The block has been acid dipped and everything has been cleaned thoroughly before going back together with new shells and rings. We’ve done a few other jobs including fabricating proper seat mountings and moving the seat further forward.

Ginetta G4 race preparation Ginetta G4 race preparation Ford pre crossflow engineGinetta G4 race preparation 2 Ginetta G4 race preparation 3

Burford’s new racer. 1965 Ginetta G4

We’ve just picked up Ian Burford’s new race car. The 1965 Ginetta G4 will replace his Lenham Midget, which he plans to use in the HSCC’s Historic Road Sports. The Ford powered racer appears to be in fine fettle. We’ve fitted a nice new Stack rev counter and carried out a full service and prep prior to Ian’s first run at Goodwood on Monday 2nd November. Look out for this one competing next year.

Ian Burford Ginetta G4 HSCC Justin Murphy Ian Burford Ginetta G4 Stack Classic rev counter

Busy weekend racing. HSCC SIlverstone and HRDC Donington

We are having to split up this for this busy weekends racing. We have 5 cars on track, 2 at Silverstone for the HSCC finals and another 3 heading further north for the HRDC’s race at Donington. All cars have been prepped and are getting loaded for our Friday morning departure. Racing this weekend at Silverstone are Ian Burford and Larry Tucker in their Lenham and Ashley Midgets and at Donington we will have Charles Rainford in his 2nd race in the Lenham along with Dave Griffiths in the black TR4 and David Moran in the Lotus Cortina.