Two cars prepped for Burford

We are in the finishing stages of preparation of Ian Burford’s Sprite based racers. The first is Lumbertubs. Named after the street it was built in back in 1963. It features a one of a kind aluminium roof and GT back with a Sebring Sprite bonnet. It has genuine period race history and will be back on track this season with the HRDC. Ian’s other car is his well known Lenham Le Mans, previously owned by Barry “Whizzo” Williams.

Nash Metropolitan Colour Choice

Nash Metropolitan Turquoise

Here at CCK we’ve been arguing for the past couple of weeks as to which colour to paint the Nash Metropolitan. Here are the contenders, Turquoise, Pink, Yellow and Orange. My vote is for turquoise, if you’d like to voice your opinion on this matter feel free to leave a comment. There is still a lot of work to do so we have a few weeks to decide. Now if only they made white wall racing tyres.

Nash Metropolitan TurquoiseNash Metropolitan PinkNash Metropolitan YellowNash Metropolitan Orange

Volga getting ready for track day

Prepping gaz volga for track day

The Volga is being prepped for a track day at Snetterton in a couple of weeks. Graham has made a small modification to the rear wheel bearings and oil seals and will be re-installing the engine shortly. When prepping a race car for a race or a track day we work to check list to ensure that everything is done and the car is safe to drive.

Gaz volga prepped for snetterton track dayrepairing gaz volga wheel bearingsPrepping gaz volga for track dayKGB 400 CCCP race team Goodwood Gaz Volga