BMW E9 3.0 CSi Restomod

BMW E9 restomod

We started this classic BMW E9 restomod project just over a year ago. The premise was to restore the car to look close to standard but include subtle modifications for performance, reliability and drivability. The very definition of a ‘Restomod’.

The exterior was finished in BMW Altantic Blue and remains understated. The original 14″ Alpina wheels were retained rather than an unnecessary increase in diameter. The suspension was rebuilt and treated to a set of Bilstien Sport shock absorbers. Additionally, a set of subtly lowered springs were installed. The 4 speed gearbox was swapped out for a 5-speed and a LSD was installed at the back.

Under the bonnet you will now find a M30B35 3.5 litre straight six engine from the 635. It has been modified with a ported cylinder head, Schrick 284 camshaft and a balanced rotating assembly. The engine is fed through an individual throttle body (ITB) fuel injection system from Jenvey with an Emerald ECU.

Lastly, the interior. SM Trimming did a fabulous job trimming the interior in a tobacco brown leather with custom carpet set. They also restored the dashboard and all of the wood paneling.

The end result is a car that is magnificent to drive. And, in contrast to the understated classy looks, the six cylinder sound track from the ITB injection is raucous. The perfect juxtaposition for this BMW E9 restomod.

BMW E9 3.0 CSi repaint and engine build project

We’ve just started on another classic BMW Coupe. This one is a German market LHD 3.0 CSi. The car was in pretty good condition overall. We found a little rust in the out sills and the front passenger footwell. Rust removed, we are putting a new set of outer sills on the car and a new floor pan. The existing paint has been removed to reveal some very straight panels. The car will be prepped and painted in BMW Atlantic Blue. We are also building a 3.5 litre fast road, fuel injected engine for this. Should be a cracking car when done. Watch this space for updates.

BMW E9 3.0 CSi – new owner inspection

This beautiful example of the BMW E9 was recently purchased and driven back from Germany. A very nice example with very few issues, we’ve given the car a cursory inspection for it’s new owner with a view to carry out some future work.

BMW 3.0 CSL restoration complete

The restoration of this original BMW E9 3.0CSL is now complete. We’ve rebuilt this car from the ground up. We’ve put in many many hours but the results speak for themselves. It looks as good underneath as it does on top. We are really happy to be able to hand this car back just before Christmas.

Classic BMW Specialist

Over the years CCK Historic have developed a great deal of experience working with and restoring classic BMWs. After a number of years building and preparing BMW CSL Batmobiles the secrets of the bat cave have been unleashed. Our 6 cylinder engines were 15bhp up on the rolling road compared to some well known competition. We have experience building M10 4 cylinder engines for 2002’s as well as Chevron B8 race cars. Tuning weber carbs is one of our specialties as well as kugelfisher and slide throttle fuel injection and our body shop is fully prepared to restore and paint your bavarian shell. Whether it is a road car or a race car we have the expertise.

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