250-2V cylinder head fitted to Ford Falcon

We’ve now finished the 250-2V cylinder head and fitted it to the Ford Falcon. The head has been fully ported and polished with big valves, competition double valve springs and exhaust port divider. The head was skimmed to get the compression ratio before being fitted. Next step is manifold fabrication for twin 2″ SU carbs.

Ford Falcon 250-2V cylinder head 2 Ford Falcon 250-2V cylinder head

Ford Falcon treated to a new cylinder head

Mike Haigh’s Ford Falcon is getting treated to a new cylinder head. The standard cast iron cylinder head found on the old Ford inline sixes has a terrible port and inlet arrangement with a ‘log’ type manifold cast onto the head. Back in the day the Australians got wise and cast their own heads with a separate inlet manifold and a standard 6 port arrangement. The head is otherwise identical and bolts straight on. It only took a year to source the rare Australian 250-2V head and get it shipped to the UK but it’s here, it’s been ported, polished and has big valves. We’ve machined a divider for the central siamese exhaust port and once it has been skimmed will be fitted to the bottom end. We are all taking bets as to what it will be worth in BHP.

Falcon 250-2v cylinder head machining Falcon 250-2v cylinder head port divider Falcon 250-2v cylinder head Falcon 250-2v cylinder head 2

Ford Falcon rolling road before new cylinder head

Mike Haighs Ford Falcon race car went on the new rolling road today. The 4.1 litre inline 6 engine is still using the original log intake cylinder head. These heads are known to be extremely poor. The best cylinder heads were made by the Australians. The Australian heads use a separate inlet manifold and have a far better port arrangement. Although these heads are extremely rare we have managed to find one and ship it to the UK. The new head will be fully ported with big valves and a triple 2″ SU carburettor setup. The current setup has set a very low bench mark at 150bhp. Can’t wait to see what the new head will do.

Ford Flacon race car rolling road tuning Ford Flacon race car rolling road

One week to go until the 73rd Members Meeting

Just one week until the racing season kicks off with Goodwood’s 73rd Members Meeting, and if last years event is anything to go by I expect it will be superb. The group 1 cars really stole the show last year but there is a lot more to look forward to. This year we will be running four cars. Dave Griffiths in the Triumph TR4 and Ian Burford in the Sebring Sprite will be running in the Les Leston Cup for pre-66 production sports cars. Mike Haigh with the Ford Falcon and our very own Shaun Rainford in the Nash Metropolitan will be running in the Sopwith Cup for 1950’s saloon cars. So come down and cheer us on and if you spot us in the paddock feel free to come and say hello. #73MM

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