New gearbox and racing brakes for a Rover

Brakes really are you best friend in any race car. For safety we always ensure that the brakes are 100% reliable. This often means new cylinders and brake lines. In this instance we replaced the original type master cylinder for an AP Racing item which might be more expensive but is rebuild-able and is design for the rigors of circuit racing. We have also fitted new discs and racing brake pads and machined true the rear drums. As well as the brakes we have replaced the 4 speed overdrive gearbox with a non-overdrive unit. Parts for these gearboxes are hard to come by so we’ve had to build the gearbox using the best parts from all 4 boxes we had. Should be marked improvement for Brands Hatch this weekend.

Victoria Beever's Rover P4 race carRover P4 4 speed gearboxAssorted gearbox parts for Rover P4AP Racing brake master cylinder in the Rover P4

Vanguard on the dyno

The Standard Vanguard has its big engine and its been on the dyno. There will be more to come once it is fully run-in but the initial setup has given us an approximate 200bhp at the flywheel. Bring on Goodwood.

Griffiths Standard Vanguard on CCK rolling road 2Griffiths Standard Vanguard on CCK rolling road 3Griffiths Standard Vanguard on CCK rolling road 4Griffiths Standard Vanguard on CCK rolling road

Turner’s Turner under restoration

Restoration of the Turner’s Turner is under way. First task was to fit up a windscreen and hard top. Once these items were fettled preparation for paint could commence. The fibreglass body work has many cracks in it which have been addressed and a few accident repairs that needed tidying. We also had to cut away the remnants of any old roll cage and make a couple of small chassis repairs. Once the car comes out of the paint shop it will be fitted up with a full roll cage, some new trim and race prepped. Watch this space.

Mk1 Turner restoration at CCK 2Mk1 Turner restoration at CCKMk1 Turner restoration at CCK 4Mk1 Turner restoration at CCK 3