Ferrari Dino 246 service and fuel tank replacement

Ferrari Dino 246 service

This Ferrari 246 Dino is a real survivor. Totally unrestored, the car has been inherited from the new owners father. Granted, it is a little rough around the edges but it’s never been neglected and is in perfect driving order.

That was until it started spilling petrol onto the floor. A common problem with the Dino is that one of the body seams can rub against the aluminium fuel tanks which eventually creates a hole. The only safe solution is to replace the fuel tank with a new item. While the car was here we also gave it a basic service. The Ferrari Dino 246 is due back this winter for a major suspension service.

Shelby Mustang GT350 race preparation

Shelby Mustang GT350 race prep

We’ve spent some time race prepping this Shelby Mustang GT350. Overall, it was a good car but some of the running gear was a little tired. We’ve rebuilt the rear axle which included a set of heavy duty wheel bearings. The front suspension has also been fully refurbished with new control arms, ball joints and track rod ends.

Additionally, we fitted an original handbrake to get the car an MOT. Lastly, a dyno session on our Maha rolling road. The Peter Knight engine in this Shelby Mustang GT350 has been serviced and tuned and is ready to race.

1969 BMW 2000 ti/lux Neue Klasse service and tuning

A very rare 1969 BMW 2000 ti/lux came in for an engine service and tune up of its original Solex 40 PHH carbs. The car is incredibly original and is currently being recommissioned. We think these Neue Klasse BMW’s of the 60s and 70s are truly superb. The build quality is fantastic and they are great to drive. This car has a lot of charm and came with all the original service books.

1994 Mini Cooper Group A Rally Car

Group A Mini Cooper Rally Car build

Lockdown at CCK was largely spent building this Group A Mini Cooper historic rally car. The owner of the car came to us with a vision. He wanted a fully legal Group A rally car, just like the ones Rover used with Paddy Hopkirk when they returned to Monte Carlo in 1994.

The body shell was fully restored and prepped here at CCK. We also built the engine and wired up the single point fuel injection with a new ECU. The car was a delight to build and has already proved to perform well after extensive road tests and a trip to Brands Hatch. As the engine has been run-in we’ve had the car on the rolling road twice for mapping. It’s making a very healthy 114bhp. All that’s left to do now is to get this Group A Mini Cooper rally car dirty.

NEW: WOSPerformance Competition Starter Motors and Alternators for Classic Mini

Classic Mini competition alternator

Introducing a new range of high performance starter motors and alternators from WOSPerformance for your classic Mini competition and road cars.

The all new compact, high torque starter motor is based on OE Denso internals. It features anti-vibration washers and a re-wound uprated solenoid. Additionally, it has a supported motor assembly to combat any vibration issues and is built to withstand the rigours of motorsport. Two models are available (difference in pinion gear) to suit inertia and pre-engage type flywheels. From Mk1 all the way through to A+ injection engines.

The new range of alternators feature CNC machined billet aluminium housings. The OE Denso internals have been uprated and anchored in place to withstand harmonic vibrations. The RACE and FIA versions are a lightweight compact replacement for the Lucas ACR. Both are available in 50amp and 90amp. Additionally, we also have a slightly bigger RALLY version. It has a weather proof connector and is available in 95amp and 175amp. Both come standard with a high-sided, hard-anodised pulley to help prevent the fan belt from turning over.

Also from WOSP is a new lightweight, high-sided aluminium water pump pulley. It has also been designed to eliminate the fan belt turning over or being thrown off.

If you want the very best for your classic Mini road, race or rally car then look no further than WOSPerformance. Available now through CCK Historic.