Bespoke dash rail – Mini Cooper roll cage modification

Roll cage modification Mini Cooper S

This week we were asked to add a bespoke dash rail for a Mini Cooper S roll cage modification. The car is an Appendix K FIA historic race car with an existing weld-in roll cage. However, the existing roll cage did not feature a dash rail and the owner wanted the additional safety.

We keep a range of roll cage tubing in stock but if we don’t have it we can usually get it next day. We cut a piece of tube to length and bent it on our Baileigh Industrial mandrel tube bender. Next, the ends of the tube are carefully notched for a tight fit. Finally, the new tube is welded into place.

If you have any bespoke roll cage requirements, even a simple roll cage modification like this, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

FIA Mini Cooper S to compete at GRRC 77th Members Meeting

We are pleased to announce that our FIA Mini Cooper S will be competing at Goodwood’s GRRC 77th Member Meeting. This April, 60 Mini’s will compete in the Betty Richmond Trophy. Following a blistering run up the hill at FOS in the John Rhodes mini we will, once again, have our own Charles Rainford behind the wheel. Although the car has not seen much action since being completed, we are currently building a new race engine for it. In an effort to maximise our chances of a strong result we are implementing a few upgrades. Competition will be fierce so we want to give Charles, and the car, the best possible chance.

Our Mini Cooper S race car was built to illustrate our book. We received a great deal of support from MiniSport along with other suppliers. Click here to find out more about the book.

FIA Mini Cooper S Goodwood Members MeetingFIA Mini Cooper SFIA Mini Cooper S Goodwood Members MeetingFIA Mini Cooper S MiniSport Ltd

Testing the Mini Cooper S with Bill Sollis

Finally our Mini Cooper S is done and on track. We’ve built this Mini with major support from Mini Sport and other suppliers for a book we are writing. The final chapter of the book will cover testing and racing the car. We spent Tuesday down at Brands Hatch with Mini racing legend Bill Sollis shaking it down. The car will debut at the Brands Hatch Mini Festival on July 16th and 17th.

FIA Mini Cooper S ready for FIA inspection

Now that Jonathan Stevenson’s recent purchase has been refreshed and brought inline with MSA requirements it is ready for its UK FIA inspection. The car came with a Swedish HTP and some of the preparation wasn’t satisfactory. We’ve added counter plates to the roll cage, door bars, harness bar and a new plumbed in extinguisher system. We’ve added the correct badges to the bonnet and bootlid and had the car MOT’d in order to get a UK registration.

FIA app K Mini Cooper S 2 FIA app K Mini Cooper S

FIA Mini Cooper S race car in from Sweden

We have just taken delivery of a well campaigned FIA Mini Cooper S race car from Sweden. We have taken delivery on behalf of the new owner and will be giving the car a thorough inspection, spanner check, rolling road and fitting a new race seat.

FIA Mini Cooper S race car 2 FIA Mini Cooper S race car