Suspension work for Alfa Romeo 2000 GTV

Tim Dallas returned this week with his Alfa Romeo 2000 GTV. We were asked to fit polyurethane bushes all around along with new springs and Alfaholics front wishbones. All that is left is to setup the geometry.

Alfa Romeo 2000GTV 2 Alfa Romeo 2000GTV front suspension rebuild Alfa Romeo 2000GTV rear disc and springs Alfa Romeo 2000GTV

Rolling road tune for a lovely Frogeye Sprite

Lindi Galloway has owned this Frogeye Sprite for 40 years. The car looks superb and is now running much better with after a rolling road tune. The fuel mixture was very weak so a new set of needles went in along with a fresh set of plugs before the twin H1 carburettors were balanced and setup.

Frogeye Sprite rolling road Frogeye Sprite rolling road 3 Frogeye Sprite rolling road 2 Frogeye Sprite rolling road 4

A couple of jobs on an Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint

A couple jobs on a beautifully presented Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint. A new starter motor fitted and some vents in the polycarbonate rear windows. We were also asked to make a list of all that would be needed in order to go circuit racing. Currently the car is a track day regular but the owner is considering going racing.

Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint 3 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint 4 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint 2

Dave Griffith’s Triumph TR4 winter refresh

Dave’s Triumph TR4 FIA race car has been moved into the prep shop. There are a couple of body issues to sort before the car receives it’s new livery. Once in paint there will be a lot of new parts to go on followed by the renewal of the FIA HTP papers. Dave wants this to be the smartest TR4 on the grid.

Griffiths TR4 Griffiths TR4 door sill Griffiths TR4 2 Griffiths TR4 3

A Turner and a TR3 on the rolling road today

Local enthusiast Terry Smith brought in his yest to be finished but recently restored Mk2 Turner for an engine setup. The Ford engine is a fresh build running on 40 DCOE Webers. The engine will now need running in before coming back to have the top end tuned. David Sharpe brought his recently restored and modified Triumph TR3A. The engine has a fast road camshaft, modified cylinder head and a 123 electronic distributor.

Turner Les Leston Turner Mk2 rolling road Triumph TR3A engine bay Triumph TR3A rolling road

Citroen HY Van

Nigel Brown brought his recently acquired Citroen HY van in for a few jobs. Some new exhaust sections and a track rod end will see it through it’s MOT. Nigel is converting the van for catering purposes and will be serving coffee and refreshments from the back at events across the UK. More details at

Citroen HY van 2 Citroen HY van Citroen HY van 3 Citroen HY van 4