Custom Cages roll cage and seam welding for FIA ’65 Mustang race car.

FIA Mustang race preparation seam welding

We just finished working on this FIA 65 Mustang body shell. To build a great race car you have to start with the body shell. A lot of work goes in to the body before the engine or suspension are considered. The body shell wants to be light and stiff. For an FIA Mustang race preparation we remove anything deemed superfluous to save a little weight. Additionally we look for any area that would benefit from stiffening. On a big muscle car like this we concentrate on the front. First, we seam weld around the front suspension towers. Next, around the inner wings. Then we join the inner wings up to the front bulkhead and a-panels. Finally, we seem weld the door and window apertures.

The roll cage goes a long way to stiffen the rear of the body. Especially this T45 historic roll cage from Custom Cages. The Mustang Notchback roll cage features double crosses at the back as well as a pair of bars between the bottom of the main hoop and the rear stays. We feel the Custom Cages T45 historic roll cages are the best by a long shot. They are light, strong and beautifully designed. Also, they are a very snug fit meaning there is less to encroach on the driver.

If you are interested in race preparation for a Mustang or any other car or roll cage installation feel free to get in touch. Click here for our contact details.

TVR Grantura II back in action

For the past year or so we’ve been recommissioning an old TVR Grantura race car. The car has previously competed in the UK at Goodwood Revival but was in need of some serious TLC and fresh race preparation. We had to remake part of the rear chassis as well as re-wiring, fitting a new bespoke fuel tank, fitting door and harness bars to the roll cage, properly fitting a pair of Tillett race seats, replacing brake line, gauges, fuel and ignition systems, extinguisher system and more. The prep is now complete and we’ve had the car out at Brands Hatch for testing and it’s been to France for a hill climb. There are plans to bring the engine up to spec over the winter before the Rallye Monte-Carlo Historique in 2019.

Ex-works Milano MG – The Australian MG J2 Special

A very interesting project has arrived here at CCK. The car is one of a Myriad of MG based specials that were raced around the world during the 50’s and 60’s. This one is the ex-works racing car from the Australian firm Milano. It is based on an MG J2 chassis and features a fibreglass body styled after the Ferrari 750 Monza. The car is small and light with ample power provided by the 1500cc MG XPAG engine. The car received a quick prep prior to its first outing at the GRRC track day at Goodwood. There is a lot more work to be done before it’s ready to satisfy the scrutineers but the first race is planned for Mallory Park on September 2nd.

1935 Aston Martin Ulster. 23% gain on rolling road.

Today we had the great pleasure of working on a very special Aston Martin. 1 of only 21, this Aston Martin Ulster was brought in by Pigsty Racing and the cars owner Edward Bradley. The car spent 3 hours on the rolling road for a power gain of 23% over what it came in with. This car will be competing in the Pomeroy Trophy later this month and with the VSCC for the 2018 season.

Ultimate fast road MG Midget

Over the past few months we’ve had the great pleasure of building the ultimate fast road MG Midget for Andrew Chenery. We’ve built the car for both fast road use and sprints and hill climbs. Starting at the front, we’ve built a 1380cc engine with Swiftune’s SW23 full race camshaft, Omega pistons and single Weber carburettor. Next is the Quaife dog engagement gearbox with Tilton hydraulic clutch release and Helix organic racing clutch. At the back we’ve fitted a Tran-X plate type limited slip differential. The bulkheads have been sealed and we’ve installed a fire extinguisher system, master switch and Tillet bucket seat. We’ve changed all the springs which has dropped it down a little and we’ve set up the geometry on the rear axle. We’ve also changed the steering rack for an early Frogeye type. A works style hardtop, leather bonnet strap and old english white roundels finish off the look.